Artist Residency in the rice valley of Kyoto Prefecture

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Rice Valley Projects offers an artist residency for artists, writers and those interested in ecological farming in the countryside of Kyoto Prefecture, thirty minutes by train or car from Kyoto city center. 15 minute bike ride from the train station, bicycles available.

Costs are 30 000 Yen per week for accommodation (all utilities and internet included, not including food) in a two bedroom annex. The rooms are tatami mat, and sleeping is in Japanese style (futons).

Rice Valley Projects is facilitated by Ken + Julia Yonetani (which in Japanese also means rice valley). Ken and Julia Yonetani are contemporary artists based in Kyoto, Japan and Sydney, Australia and also manage a fully organic farm at Rice Valley. They speak Japanese and English, and have carried out artists residencies themselves in Australia, Asia, and Europe. Rice Valley Projects aims to give others opportunities and experiences in countryside Japan, especially those interested in cultural preservation and sustainable farming.

Please send your CV, url links, preferred dates, and project outline. Partners and/or children on a case by case basis.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Overlapping ancestry

Artsits Anais and Maurin left us a beautiful passage on their residency, we will quote just some of it...

"We organised flalen trees in the forest, and also our inner trees and how they could be arranged horizontally. Landscapes of the body. The sun and the moon that interpose in the temple also interposed in the days of the snow. The sun, dazzled by the whitened sky, seemed like a full moon...Shared smiles and giggling carried us into the heat of the tropics, in the space between Australia and Brazil that now moves through this land of overlapping ancestry..."

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